Hi, I'm Regeanie!

I help entrepreneurs and professionals multiply their impact by teaching them to start, grow, and scale sustainable and profitable social impact businesses.

How can i help you multiply impact?...

 501(c)3 Startup

Let me help you establish your 501(c)3 business.

 Growth & Scale Strategies

Let me help you build a plan to grow and scale your organization.

 Grant Strategies

Let me and my team create a strategy to help you in your grant-seeking efforts.

 Tech Strategies

Let me guide you on implementing a tech stack to support your nonprofit for scaling.

 Coaching & Accountability

Leadership coaching to help you reach your life and business goals.

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Where personal fulfillment, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility intersect

Entrepreneurship is a way of life... Social Entrepreneurship is an intentional choice to use business in creative ways to solve some of the planet's biggest issues.

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What is Social Entrepreneurship Anyway?

A social entrepreneur is a person who pursues new and/or creative methods of solving community-based problems. They are willing to take risks to be positive change agents in society. They also often believe that their efforts connect to their life's purpose, and in connecting to their purpose, they may help others find theirs, all while making a difference in the world and generating revenue in the process.

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I believe that living a life on purpose intersects between personal fulfillment, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. Discover joy, meaning, and fulfillment so that you can thrive and positively impact the world. Once you understand what brings you joy, explore how you can take it into the marketplace in a social impact business.

Regeanie Corona

Regeanie Corona

As a social entrepreneur and business strategist, Regeanie uses her technology background, business knowledge and experience in the nonprofit space to assist other entrepreneurs and professionals who want to multiply their impact in the world through businesses focused on social innovation and applying the 3P sustainability model focused on people, planet, and profit.

She is leading the way in demonstrating that it is possible to build businesses around social impact and not only make them sustainable, but profitable as well. Regeanie is leaving her mark on the world by making sure other leaders are equipped to build businesses that truly make a difference in this world.